It takes a vision first and then belief and dedication.

Our team is comprised of a talented team of individuals, working together to produce and make a success.

The delicious home-made meals found in MealEasy® have been developed with the input of a renowned professional chef and nutritional experts to ensure that meals taste amazing, are easy to prepare and are healthy at the same time; not an easy task!

Our unique web app has been designed by software development professionals to produce the most “user friendly” meal planning software available.

A great idea deserves a great audience. MealEasy combines tried and tested marketing strategies with cutting edge, modern campaigns. You can find us on social media, on television and being talked about across the globe. Our marketing team comes from strong business and communications backgrounds. It's a winning formula - just ask the thousands that know about us already.

The Management

Noviden Technologies was founded by George and Brent Borovan.

George Borovan, President & CEO

MealEasy began many years ago as an idea of George’s. The premise of not having to worry about what was for dinner was the spark that started us to produce our meal planning solution.
As the founder of Noviden, George orchestrates the grand vision for our product, and brings to Noviden a successful business background and values. As a true entrepreneur George spearheads uncharted business waters, manages marketing and finances and navigates us on a successful journey.
Prior to starting Noviden, George owned and operated a successful dental laboratory for over 29 years. George grew the company from just himself to over 45 employees, many of whom were employees from the company’s beginnings. After selling the company, George jumped aboard Noviden and the rest is history.

Brent Borovan, Managing Director

With just the idea from George, Brent began development of the foundation of MealEasy in February 2005. Brent oversees and directs the day-to-day operations at Noviden, including product development activities.
As a self confessed food and health nut, Brent has a vested interest and passion for the potential that food has in achieving and maintaining good health.
Prior to Noviden, Brent worked as a software development professional at a number of respected companies, including developing software for Fortune 500 clients, and developing demanding web applications, and customized networking software on both Linux and Windows platforms.

We wish to thank the countless number of professionals have helped shape MealEasy over the years, including numerous talented developers, technical personnel, dieticians, nutritionists, and naturopathic doctors.